Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oh...Arthritis.....What's Your Kryptonite!?

I wrote this in February but never posted......

Along with the much talked about "shitty" symptoms that Crohn's/Colitis patients suffer from, come along the not so much talked about symptoms that some people don't know we also suffer from. One of my main symptoms that isn't talked about much is arthritis. I'm bringing this up as the topic today because as I type this (my fingers aching) I'm suffering an immense amount of pain lately. Living in Nebraska the weather can get pretty cold during the winters and we're right in the smack dab middle of it, with snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. It always seems as the temperatures drop, my pain from arthritis rises. 

While almost every joint in my body seems to suffer from arthritis, today my wrists and fingers seem to be the "winners". Barely any pressure or movement comes with sharp pains. This arthritis was the worst pain I've ever been in in my entire life. Moving just the slightest bit made my nerves shoot the most intense pain I've ever felt. I've been to a rheumatologist and he diagnosed me with "migratory arthritis". His solution was to put me on prednisone and pain meds (tramadol and hydrocodone).

After agonizing pain for months and weeks at a time of missed work from the horrible arthritis I decided to take a different approach. I began googling alternatives that I could try for this horrible case of arthritis I had been experiencing. After reading through all the bullshit "miracle" cures online I finally stumbled across a few articles on acupuncture and arthritis. The next day I called and made an appointment with a Chinese Medicine Doctor who specialized in acupuncture. 

I was VERY hesitant going into my first appointment. I thought no way in HELL that acupuncture was the answer to my prayers of getting rid of this immense pain. At the time I could barely fingers, feet, knees and hands were swollen and my back shot intense pain with every step I took. I'm a pretty tough guy when it comes to pain as are most all Crohns/Colitis patients. 💪🏻 We deal with so much pain that others could never handle but this kind of pain was nothing I'd ever experienced before. This arthritis was my kryptonite. I was almost in tears with every move I made. I gave acupuncture a try with much hesitation and doubt. It wasn't the cheapest but IT. WAS. WORTH. IT!!!
Oh my Lordy, after hobbling into his office for my first visit I was hurting so bad still but after 2 days almost all my pain was gone. After 3 appointments I honest to God have had ZERO problems with arthritis. So if you're thinking about trying acupuncture or looking for something to try I HIGHLY suggest trying it. I was SO  skeptical before my first appointment but now I swear on it. Best thing I've taken a risk on. I thought acupuncture was a waste of people's money but little did I know it was my answer all along to stopping my pain. 
I had to end this post with a picture of my best friend that I can finally take on walks again bc I'm pain free from arthritis! I'm SO much HAPPIER to be living life with no pain from arthritis! Now only if I could get my Crohns/Colitis in check! I guess one thing at a time.....

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. A dear friend of mine has suffered from Crohn's disease for years and one of her main complaints is the arthritis that seems to come on when it flares up. I've used acupuncture for quitting smoking but never for pain, so this is definitely something I'm going to pass on to her.