Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Entyvio....crossing my fingers

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog. I told myself when I started this blog that I'd do it at least once a week but it just so happens that when you have an autoimmune disease like Crohns/Colitis even using your fingers to type a simple short blog can seem exhausting. So BIG NEWS (for me at least)! I haven't been on any medication for my Crohns/Colitis in over 3 years due to me being stubborn and also scared (rightfully so) of trying these crazy ass meds with all these crazy side effects. My Crohns/Colitis has not gotten any worse untreated over the years but it also hasn't gotten any better. 

I'm seeing a new GI Doctor at UNMC and together we decided that after years of my disease being left untreated, I would start a new med called Entyvio. After about a month of bullshit fighting with my insurance company to approve me for this med they finally caved. They fought me tooth and nail to approve me probably bc this medication is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE! I wouldn't want to cover it either. 😂  This med you receive in infusions that take a half hour each time. At the beginning you get an infusion at week 0 then at week 2 you get your second infusion and then at week 6 you get your third and after your 3rd infusion you only have to get them every 4 weeks. 

So on April 5th I received my first infusion of Entyvio. 
My first infusion only took 30 minutes plus an additional 30 minutes for observation to make sure I didn't have any bad reactions to the new med. With the infusion I also receive iron because I'm so anemic. I didn't feel any side effects until about 2 hours after the infusion. I was extremely tired, had night sweats and headaches all night long. The only good thing is that I was already expecting some side effects bc of past experiences of all the shitty meds I've tried in the past and all their shitty side effects. 

My doctor told me to be very patient with this new med and not to get discouraged bc it can take up to 6 months for some people to see a change. On April 19th exactly 2 weeks after my first infusion I had my 2nd. 
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Yes I know I look very excited to be getting this new med! 😂 but on the inside I really am glad I'm back on some sort of medication bc some people will never get the chance bc of insurance and other unfortunate circumstances. 

Autoimmune diseases FUCKING SUCK! 
Yea I did curse but this isn't a PG blog and I am nowhere near close to having a PG mouth so sorry but not sorry about my occasional bad mouth. 🤐 

Fuck Crohns/Colitis 
Stay Strong and Keep Fighting People!