Monday, January 4, 2016

About me

Hello EVERYONE! This is my first blogging experience so go easy on me. I curse quite a bit but I'll do my best to tone it down for the PG crowd. If you find grammatical errors I don't really care because I hated English class and this is my blog for me to vent and share my story with you. Just kidding....kind of but I created this for me and for people like me to interact with and so people with IBD know that they're not alone. 

My name is Beau I'm a 28 year old male living in good old Papillion, Nebraska (a small city within Omaha). I was diagnosed with severe indeterminate Crohn's Disease/Ulcerative Colitis (my doctors have yet to determine which one I have). I've been suffering from this shitty disease(no pun intended) going on 7 years now. No treatment I have tried so far has given me any relief. I've been hospitalized twice and had WAY TOO MANY tests, procedures, blood draws, doctor visits, hospital visits, infusions, blah blah blah to count. This disease is so frustrating, draining, miserable and did I mention shitty! I could use a thousand descriptions of this disease none of which would be positive but I'll spare you the reading. 

Other than having this wonderful disease, I'm a fairly normal 28 year old single male, 😉 college graduate with a bachelors degree in Psychology. I currently and have been a server at the same restaurant for the past 9 years. I love sports, especially basketball, football and volleyball. I love playing basketball and volleyball although my disease keeps me from regularly enjoying them I try my best. I'm a HUGE family man and I love my family to death! 

I have 4 amazing sisters, an older brother, Mom & Dad 3 nieces and a nephew

and I can't forget my amazing dog Kobe.

Without my family and friends I couldn't have gotten through all the difficult challenges this disease has thrown at me. They give me the strength to get out of bed everyday dispite this draining disease.

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