Thursday, July 14, 2016

I got a new Baby Niece today!

Yesterday made me forget about my Crohns for a little while because I was distracted by the birth of my new niece Harper Rose! She's so beautiful and I'm so happy for my sister and her fiancé. 
This is my 5th niece/nephew so it's nothing new but with each birth my family grows and its special every time. I'm so glad my sister and the baby are doing OK and everything went well. Days like today make me so happy that I keep fighting my battle with Crohns and never give up. One day I want to have children of my own and a family of my own but I have to take care of myself first before that can happen. I don't think I could raise a child right now as I can barely take care of myself most days. Crohns just kicks your ass every single day but we have to keep getting up and fighting back and hoping for the day that cure will come. 
There's so many bad days that I have with my Crohns and I feel like giving up and not getting out of bed. Then there days like today that make me realize the fight is so worth it. 

Keep fighting and don't give up!


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