Saturday, June 25, 2016

3rd Entyvio Infusion

Once again I'm slacking on this whole blogging thing, but what can I say.....I have an exhausting disease. Most people would think that typing up a post once every day or even once every week would be a piece of cake.....heck even I thought that before starting one, but I'm not a normal person. I have an autoimmune disease and as most people with these diseases come to know, that even the smallest of tasks become so exhausting both mentally and physically. But here I am, I found some strength to type up a post tonight, it's a rare occurrence that I'd like to see happen more often. 

So on to my Entyvio...about a month ago around May 17th I received my 3rd infusion of my new drug to treat my Crohns Disease called Entyvio. It's pretty much the last conventional med for me to try to control my Crohns with bc all else have failed miserably. I haven't hit the 6th month mark yet to where my doc says that is when the med seems to start working for the majority it does end up working for. I'm still hoping and praying that this med is the one that does the trick. The infusion went well and once again they gave me some iron in my infusion as well bc my hemoglobin is still so low. 
☝🏻️☝🏻☝🏻there's my routine infusion selfie
After all the countless meds I've tried from all the pills to Remicade to Humira nothing has given me any results...ZERO, but so far with Entyvio I've at least seen weight gain. In my 7 years of dealing with this horrible disease I've never gained a significant amount of weight other than when they had to put a PICC line in because I was at a dangerous weight. I'm 6'6" and at my lowest weight I was 140lbs. A PICC line was put in at that point and for a year I stayed steady between 155-160lbs. After removing the line I remained at this weight for a few years. Since starting Entyvio I've gained 20lbs and am now weighing between 175-180lbs, the HIGHEST since being diagnosed! (205lb was my heaviest weight) 
Other than gaining weight I've seen an increase in energy and my hemoglobin has gone up and stayed up(still low for a "healthy" person but up for me). Although my bathroom trips haven't decreased nor has my urgency, I'm encouraged that I've seen some improvement in other areas as I haven't had any improvement on any other meds. I remain hopeful that I continue to see results with Entyvio! 

Gotta include a pic of the girl that keeps a smile on my face....πŸ˜„

Keep your heads up! 


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